2018 Regional Fire School Dedication


It is with deep gratitude, a heavy heart, and great joy that the Addison County Firefighters Association, Training Committee dedicates the 2018 Addison County Regional Fire School that will be held on April 28-29, 2018 at the Vergennes Union High School to Chief Robert Jenkins of the Ferrisburgh Fire Department. Bob has received so many recognition awards including this one before. However it has been over two decades since the school was dedicated to him. That is four times the average years of service for a volunteer firefighter today.

Bob did not just hold a place on the roster of the Vergennes Fire Department or the Ferrisburgh Fire Department for 56 years. Rather he led with a heart filled with passion, a mind that was always learning, and a spirit that was always teaching. His ability to quietly accomplish tasks behind the scene and his willingness to boldly proclaim his thoughts and challenge the status quo has shaped the lives of his family, countless firefighters, the communities he served, the fire service of Vermont and especially The Addison County Firefighters Association.

Bob was observed more than once with a watery eye, a shaky voice, and a hand on his heart challenging others to lead with their hearts. More than once Bob was observed with a smile on his face, joy in his voice, and a thumb in the air, as he said ”good job boys”. Bob was also noticed on a regular basis joking with long time colleagues and friends as he challenged them to rethink what they had done, were doing, or would do. Perhaps one of the most profound places Bob was constantly observed was with the next generation of firefighters, challenging, and encouraging them to be men and women of character, integrity, passion and to always lead with a servant’s heart. These words were used to describe and honor Bob, as the new Ferrisburgh engine was dedicated to him in 2017-

“Who through his example taught us,, Leaders are not measured by their own accomplishments, but rather by the accomplishments of those they have led.”

  As the sound of the final alarm bell fades, and Bob hears the words “well done good and faithful servant”, this regional school recognizes that because of Bob, we are a better people, the world is a better place, and the life of Bob Jenkins will live eternally in the accomplishments of the countless people he led.